Award-Winning Fantasy & Romance Author, Sabrina A. Fish, writes fantasy romance novels centered around siblings tied together by unbreakable bonds and the men or women who fall in love with them.


Set in complex worlds full of depth and imagination as well as an interesting mix of mythical creatures and plenty of sexual heat, you'll find yourself unable to resist coming back for more.

Series List

The Gate Keeper Chronicles

  1. Diomere's Exile

  2. Diomere's Healer

  3. Diomere's Mercenary

  4. Diomere's Siren (In Progress)

Spellbound Mail-Order Husbands

   1. Bubble, Brew, & Tattoo

                         By Alyna Lochlan

   2. Auras, Heirs, & Witchy Affairs

                         By Sabrina A. Fish

   3. Sensuality & Spells

                          By Kristal Dawn Harris


Latest News

Oct. 8th: New PNR: Auras, Heirs, & Witchy Affairs Release Day

Oct. 16: Sabrina is speaking at OCWI Meeting

Oct. 31: Spellbound Mail-Order Husbands Series Complete Giveaway Event

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