Spellbound Mail-Order Husbands

A multi-author series of Paranormal Romance novellas about three witch sisters and the mail order husbands who help them keep their home, hunt down a murderer, and save their small town from being turned into a resort.

coming october 2021

1 Bubble, Brew, & Tattoos.jpg

Book 1

Bubble, Brew, & Tattoos

by Alyna Lochlan

Abigail Woodbury has the gift of first power as the first born. She is wise and can weave the tapestry of time and events but is soft spoken, sensible, and practical. To her more adventurous sisters, she's the "good girl". She's certainly not the kind to attract the interest of the bad boy biker Beckett Thornton the Tattoo shop owner, the man she has always secretly loved. But when tragedy strikes, she knows the spell she'll cast, to protect her sisters and the magic they guard, may put a split between her and her sisters. She places a love spell on an ad for husbands for each one of them. What she didn't expect were the two men who showed up for her. The dangerous man seeking the sisters for his own wicked purpose brings to light dark secrets and a battle she will do everything she can to prevent.

Beckett Thornton, the tattoo artist has his own shop in this small town but a hidden past is about to show up. People only see what they want to see and he has enjoyed this freedom. But know it’s a two edged sword. He secretly watches Abigail and knows he can't have her and the life he's chosen until he reads the husband wanted ad she put out. Now nothing will stop him from making her his.

Book 2

Auras, Heirs, & Witchy Affairs

by Sabrina A. Fish

Aubree Woodbury had her first knowing when she was eight years old. Being claircognizant and able to read auras led her to a successful career in the FBI, but then her parents die in a car crash and she knows it’s time to come home for good. When the Woodbury Police Chief position comes available right after she moves back, she knows her return is more than mere coincidence. And when her and her sisters discover evidence that their parent’s deaths may not have been an accident, she realizes fate has placed her in the perfect position to uncover the truth. 

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Descended from an ancient line of warlocks, Tavis Lennox has been raised knowing he’ll be the next head of the powerful Lennox clan. Then his father dies and uses his will to give Tavis one last sucker punch to the gut. He must find a wife and sire an heir within a year or his place as head of the Lennox Clan and CEO of Lennox Enterprises will pass to his younger half-brother. When a husband wanted ad appears in his company email, his warlock instinct tells him that this, no matter how outrageous, is more than mere coincidence. Powerful magic is at play and could be the answer to his dilemma. Then he discovers that one of the three sisters seeking a husband is the woman who stole his heart and then disappeared without a trace. He vows to do whatever necessary to tie her to him so she never wants to disappear again.


But even if Tavis can convince Aubree to be his wife and have his child, will Aubree’s investigation into her parent’s deaths rob them of a second chance at happily ever after?

3 Sensuality & Spells.jpg

Book 3

Sensuality & Spells

by Kristal Dawn Harris