Spellbound Mail-Order Husbands

A multi-author series of Paranormal Romance novellas about three witch sisters and the mail order husbands who help them keep their home, hunt down a murderer, and save their small town from being turned into a resort.

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Book 1

Bubble, Brew, & Tattoos

by Alyna Lochlan

He is ice and storm.
Beckett Thornton is not all he seems. The bad boy tattoo artist has a hidden past that threatens to reveal itself. His world is dangerous, riddled with power. Only his control keeps the dark force away, but now it’s a two-edged sword. He wants Abigail but knows he shouldn't have her until he reads the "husband wanted" ad she puts in the local newspaper. Now nothing will stop him from making her his.

She is fire and earth
Abigail Woodbury was born into power. As firstborn, she has the gift of the first power. She is wise and can weave the tapestry of time and events but is sensitive, loyal, and practical. To her more adventurous sisters, she's the good girl. If they only knew the fire that burned within her passionate heart.
She's certainly not the kind to attract the interest of the bad boy biker, Beckett Thornton, the man she has secretly loved for years. But when tragedy strikes, and death rips loved ones away, she knows the spell she'll cast to protect their family secrets, and the magic they guard, may cause a split between siblings.

She casts a love spell on an ad, seeking husbands for each one of them. What she didn't expect were the two men who showed up for her. One her heart's desire, the other one determined to destroy it all. Dark secrets come to light and a struggle for power begins. One she will do everything to prevent.


Together they burn.

Book 2

Auras, Heirs, & Witchy Affairs

by Sabrina A. Fish

She is elusive air.
Aubree Woodbury spent the last five years undercover using her abilities to solve cases for the FBI. But as one of the guardians of the source of her family’s power, she knew one day she’d return home. That day comes sooner than planned when her parents die in a car crash that just may not have been an accident.
When she returns home to discover her meddlesome oldest sister has cast a husband seeking spell for all three sisters, she vows to fight the spell and takes a job with the local police department. She’s already given her heart to another, too bad she met her sexy warlock while undercover and had to leave without telling him who she really is.

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He is steadfast earth.
Tavis Lennox thought he’d finally found the one woman for him, but then she disappeared without a trace. When his father dies and stipulates that Tavis must find a wife and sire an heir before he can receive his inheritance. He can’t help but think of the one that got away.
When a husband wanted ad appears in his inbox, he’s intrigued. Then he discovers she is one of the women seeking a husband. He knows fate is giving him a second chance to win her heart and this time he is determined not to lose her.


Together they soar.

3 Sensuality & Spells.jpg

Book 3

Sensuality & Spells
by Krystal Dawn Harris

She is the darkness.
The spell has been cast for a mail-order husband by her eldest sister, but Allison Woodbury is haunted by a secret her family knows nothing about, nor does she want anything to do with love. She is drawn to darker magic and always pushing the boundaries of witchcraft when she’s been warned to not tamper with such things. She attracts the unwanted attention of The Adjudicator and quickly realizes there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, except into the arms of the man she wanted to avoid at all costs.

He is the light.

Quinn O’Neil, warlock and half-Fae, is known as The Adjudicator for The Black Table. He possesses unimaginable power and has cleaned Allison’s witchy messes for years. 

When one Woodbury sister unexpectedly brands him with a spell, he’s left with no other choice but to claim Allison Woodbury as his own and bind her magic. Tempers wildly flare and passion ignites into a spell of unstoppable desire while these two learn that love is its own magic. Allison’s secret sends them on a journey neither expected, but must face together, and forges a bond no spell could ever break. Or could it? Sensuality & Spells is the exciting conclusion to the Spellbound: Mail-Order Husbands trilogy which are best read in order


Together they eclipse the sun.