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Spellbound Mail-Order Husbands

A multi-author series of Paranormal Romance novellas about three witch sisters and the mail order husbands who help them keep their home, hunt down a murderer, and save their small town from being turned into a resort.

Sabrina's Contribution

Auras, Heirs, & Witchy Affairs

by Sabrina A. Fish

She is elusive air.
Aubree Woodbury spent the last five years undercover using her abilities to solve cases for the FBI. But as one of the guardians of the source of her family’s power, she knew one day she’d return home. That day comes sooner than planned when her parents die in a car crash that just may not have been an accident.
When she returns home to discover her meddlesome oldest sister has cast a husband seeking spell for all three sisters, she vows to fight the spell and takes a job with the local police department. She’s already given her heart to another, too bad she met her sexy warlock while undercover and had to leave without telling him who she really is.

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He is steadfast earth.
Tavis Lennox thought he’d finally found the one woman for him, but then she disappeared without a trace. When his father dies and stipulates that Tavis must find a wife and sire an heir before he can receive his inheritance. He can’t help but think of the one that got away.
When a husband wanted ad appears in his inbox, he’s intrigued. Then he discovers she is one of the women seeking a husband. He knows fate is giving him a second chance to win her heart and this time he is determined not to lose her.


Together they soar.

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Auras, Heirs, & Witchy Affairs

Sabrina A. Fish

163 pages, Print - $5.99, Digital - $0.99

October 2021

B09G76K7N1 Digital ASIN

979-8470279309 Paperback

SAF Books, LLC

Debbie Taylor


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