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Shifter Mail-Order Brides

A multi-author paranormal romance series about 5 bear shifter brothers seeking brides to keep a promise made to their late mother.

Sabrina's Contribution

Attracting His Mate_ebook cover.jpg

Attracting His Mate

By Sabrina A. Fish

Will he settle for safe or risk his heart for love?

Beau King is the third born of the King brothers, a clan of grizzly bear shifters. And he knows all about having his heart torn out and stomped on. So when his dying mother gets him to promise to find a mate within six months of her death in order for the brothers to keep their family land, he knows he’s in trouble. How can he trust another woman to accept him for who he is?

Shayla Espino-Guzman is a traveling nurse and a clan-less Andean spectacled bear with no living family or permanent home. Could Kingston, Tennessee, be the place where she plants her roots?

When their eyes meet, their bears are quick to let them know they’ve found their fated mate. But can Beau overcome a past betrayal and learn to trust again? Or will he settle for safe and miss out on the pleasure of attracting his mate?

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Attracting His Mate

Sabrina A. Fish

99 pages, Print - $5.99, Digital - $0.99

February 2022



979-8401685445 Paperback

SAF Books, LLC

Debbie Taylor

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