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Shifter Mail-Order Brides

A multi-author paranormal romance series about 5 bear shifter brothers seeking brides to keep a promise made to their late mother.

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Book 1

Enticing His Mate

By Alyna Lochlan

Can they survive his secret?

Tatted-up, bad boy, Alpha grizzly shifter, Lucas King, had been burned by love at a young age. After years of nursing a vow to never let a woman close, his mother's deathbed wish messed with his plans. Then Diana came blowing into town, and forces beyond his control thrust them together, throwing everything he believed to the test.

Her scent came first, sweet and seductive, then he saw her, his mate, and wanted to rip every guy's head off for even looking at her, let alone flirt with her. He was possessive, territorial, and made no excuses for his nature. She was a wet dream, causing him to lose his tight control.

Will sparks fly and night heat up or will his control and vow?

Book 2

Seducing His Mate

By Kristal Dawn Harris

Can the seducer win the heart of the mate who doesn’t want him?


Trent King is the second brother in King family and a grizzly shifter. Known as the playboy bachelor, he has no intention of settling down and finds it preposterous to think of belonging to one woman, but the scent of honeysuckle gives his bear a reason to claim, and the man a reason to love.

Jenna Gray stalks the club the infamous, handsome King brother uses as his playground with one purpose in mind. She knows he’s not mate material, but a kiss changes everything and a heated encounter causes her to reconsider her opinion of the sexy brother with a heart of gold.

Can Trent seduce his mate? Can Jenna save her heart? Join this passionate couple on a journey between shifter mates that leads to an explosive love neither thought possible.

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Book 3

Attracting His Mate

By Sabrina A. Fish

Will he settle for safe or risk his heart for love?

Beau King is the third born of the King brothers, a clan of grizzly bear shifters. And he knows all about having his heart torn out and stomped on. So when his dying mother gets him to promise to find a mate within six months of her death in order for the brothers to keep their family land, he knows he’s in trouble. How can he trust another woman to accept him for who he is?

Shayla Espino-Guzman is a traveling nurse and a clan-less Andean spectacled bear with no living family or permanent home. Could Kingston, Tennessee, be the place where she plants her roots?

When their eyes meet, their bears are quick to let them know they’ve found their fated mate. But can Beau overcome a past betrayal and learn to trust again? Or will he settle for safe and miss out on the pleasure of attracting his mate?

Book 4

Claiming His Mate

By April Hollingworth

Can love come through the mail?


Molokai King is definitely not interested in love, burned once was enough for him, his only interest in women is on his terms for one night. No attachment, no chance of being hurt again.  But when his mother makes him and his bear shifter brothers promise to marry, he does something he never dreamed of, finding a mail order bride through an advert written by his mother, and placed after her death. Can love come through the mail, or will claiming his mate be harder than Molokai could ever imagine?

Midnight Mathon is running for her life, as far and fast as she can. Seeing an advert on social media of mail order brides needed, she does the only thing she can in her situation, grab the opportunity and leave Ireland for the safety of a small town in Kingston, Virginia. She’s not interested in marriage, and the ad states no guarantee of being proposed, which suits her just fine. After all, how hard can it be to not get proposed to?

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Book 5

Securing His Mate

By Laura M. Baird

Can their bond prove that fate doesn't make mistakes?

A vow to his ailing mother gives Grizzly shifter Micah six months to find his mate, or he and his brothers lose their family's land. He can't contemplate a lifelong bond, but one tease of Nicolette's enticing scent has him and his bear ready to do what it takes to make her his.

Nicolette and her sister are all each other have in the world so she protects their existence by living a sedate life. A chance encounter with the charming Micah has her rethinking her decisions.

But how will she view him when she learns he's a shifter and her only experience with that world led to heartache? Micah offers love and security but can he convince her their bond is meant to be?