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Diomere's Healer

 (The Gate Keeper Chronicles Book 2)

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Content Advisory: This book is intended for mature audiences (18+) and contains graphic violence and explicit sexual activity.


Five Gates. Five Sisters. Five Very Different Men.

Once there were two worlds connected by five magical gates. Then the Gate Keepers closed the gates and disappeared. The Gate Keepers have returned.

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Arriana Quinones failed to save her king from the poison that killed him. Now her nephew is suffering the same malady. When her search for a cure leads her through a gate into a world of magic, she discovers that the gods' plans for her stretch far beyond finding an antidote.

Treves Tourbillon and his people gave up hope of ending their curse. Then Arriana saves his life. While those around him are convinced she is the prophesied key, Treves fears she'll be the curse's next victim.

Can Arriana and Treves find the antidote, end the Manticore curse, and take their place as the Desert Gate's next Keepers, or will the forces working against them prevail in the end?



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Book Details

Diomere's Healer

Sabrina A. Fish

 378 pages, Print - $18.99, Digital - $5.99

March 2019

978-1-5092-2494-4 Digital

978-1-5092-2493-7 Paperback

The Wild Rose Press

Debbie Taylor

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"Come back, handsome. I can’t let you slip across the veil just yet."


Treves searched for the female belonging to the musical voice. “Did you hear that?”


“She calls you back.”


Treves glanced at his sire. “She?”


“The One, my son.”


"Your boy called you Trev. It must be short for something. Trevor, perhaps? Hmmmm." The woman laughed, a sound like a waterfall of soft musical notes that stirred something in Treves’ heart. "No. Trevor is too boring. Trevelian? No, no. Much too pretentious." She went silent again and Treves strained to hear more. "I’m almost done mending the mess those dark fairies made of your insides. Come back and tell me your name. Don’t you think I deserve a reward for all my hard work?"


Treves blinked, bringing his sire back into focus. “What do you mean by The One?”


"This is going to hurt, big guy. I hope you’re as strong as you look."


Treves stepped toward the voice, his question forgotten.


“The One who holds the key to your happiness, my son. The one who can end the curse if you allow her,” his sire whispered.

Treves jerked, his eyes widening, then a flash of pain consumed him.


"All done, handsome. Time to wake up. Come on, love. Open those gorgeous golden eyes."


Treves lifted heavy eyelids and met eyes the color of the purest emerald, emphasizing thick lashes and arched brows in the same red as the hair framing her fine-boned face.


She smiled. “Welcome back, handsome.”

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