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Diomere's Mercenary

 (The Gate Keeper Chronicles Book 3)

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Content Advisory: This book is intended for mature audiences (18+) and contains graphic violence and explicit sexual activity.


Five Gates. Five Sisters. Five Very Different Men.

Once there were two worlds connected by five magical gates. Then the Gate Keepers closed the gates and disappeared.


The Gate Keepers have returned.

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Ripped from her home and sold to the mercenary guild as a child, Kardia Quinones overcame her father’s betrayal and made a place for herself as a respected mercenary. Then war threatens her beloved guild and her homeland.

Sahir Mekala wakes after twenty-three years to find his people on the brink of war and his intended mate unwilling to accept him. But dragons are as stubborn as harpies and he’ll let nothing stop him from claiming her.

When Kardia and Sahir find themselves working together, sparks fly. Despite Kardia’s reluctance to ever trust another male, Sahir sets out to prove exactly how perfect the match between a dragon and harpy can be.

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Diomere's Mercenary

Sabrina A. Fish

 270 pages, Print - $15.99, Digital - $4.99

September 14, 2020

978-1-5092-3231-4 Paperback
978-1-5092-3232-1 Digital

The Wild Rose Press

Debbie Taylor



Adjusting the power cloaking his presence, Sahir projected his voice into Kardia’s mind. “Good evening, sireli.”

She glanced over at him. “I thought I felt the creep of extreme annoyance headed my way.”

A passing guard, having just come from the backstage area, gave her a confused look. “Mercenary?”

Kardia stared at the human, her cool gaze boring into him until he hurriedly moved past her. “Idiota,” she muttered.

Sahir bit back a grin. “I don’t think it’s annoyance you feel for me.” He used his power to caress the curve of her neck and smiled when gooseflesh rose on her skin. “Is it, dimeti?”

“Get. Out. Of. My. Head,” she bit out between clenched teeth, then cut their mental link.

A musician, his stringed instrument held between him and the glowering harpy, darted his gaze around the hall, looking for the one to whom she spoke. When he found no one else there, his face blanched and he tossed an alarmed look at her as he hurried past.

Kardia halted mid-step and slowly turned to glare at Sahir. “No one else can see you.”

Sahir’s lips twitched as he shook his head, amusement something he usually only felt around his siblings. He decided he liked playing with his mate.

The harpy growled and continued stalking down the hall toward The Siren’s dressing rooms. “Go away, dragon.”

Pitching his voice low, he murmured. “Where would be the fun in that, little harpy?”

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