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Vampire Queen's Revelation

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Content Advisory: This book is intended for mature audiences (18+) and contains graphic violence and explicit sexual activity.


The Fates wove destruction for the Pantheon, and in the end, Hades was forced into slumber. With the last of his strength, he created a triumvirate to rule in his absence, knowing that his daughters' fates were the key to his return... 

Danae “Dani” Thebes, queen of vampires, dared to fall in love with a hunter, her people’s mortal enemy, while pretending to be a human man. For years she’s believed her love doomed until her hunter crashes back into her life while helping rescue her sister’s mate. For the first time in two hundred years, she has hope. Will revealing her true identity as not only female, but also one of the ruling vampire queens end that spark of hope before it can become a flame?

Dr. Alexander “Xander” Abbe’s path in life changed the day a vampire saved his life, causing him to question the blind hate his people have for vampires. Believing his people redeemable, he works hard to rise within hunter ranks and join the Conclave that rules over all hunters, while doing what he can in secret to mitigate the worst atrocities practiced by his brethren.

When Xander discovers that everything he’s been taught about vampires and hunters is a lie, he must decide if his people are still redeemable. Will Dani’s revelation add to his feelings of betrayal and end any spark before it can catch flame, or will her trust in him make it possible for a vampire and a hunter to find their own happy ending?

Vampire Queen's Revelation has graphic steamy scenes between the hero and heroine. It mentions SA, tand has a small flashback with a short section of graphic detail. It has vampires, magic, and a violent battle scene. If any of that sounds like too much for you, don't read this book. You've been warned.

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Vampire Queen's Revelation

Sabrina A. Fish

275 pages, Print - $9.99, Digital - $3.99

April 15, 2024

B0CMPQRL9X Digital

9798322337195 Paperback

SAF Books, LLC

Jaqueline Sweet Designs


Danae scanned the lobby for Xander. A tall couple dressed as the Hulk and She Hulk stepped aside and she spotted him. He appeared slightly older, but still just as gorgeous as she remembered with piercing blue eyes, short brown hair that curled against his collar, and a goatee which framed lips she’d fantasized kissing on more than a few occasions. No longer the fresh-faced twenty-five-year-old he appeared before, he now appeared to be in his mid-thirties.

Hunters didn’t stop aging like vampires, though the recharging ceremony did slow the process down considerably. She continued her perusal to see he wore a brown suit and tie with a blue shirt.

She couldn’t help the smirk curling the corners of her mouth as she lifted her gaze back to his. “You would choose to come as Agent Mobius.”

“I specialize in the pursuit of dangerous Variants,” he quoted from one of her favorite shows, a slow answering smile tugging at his lips.
Warmth spread through her, making her blood sizzle in her veins as their eyes met and held. She’d dreamed so long of finding him in some random city and walking right up to say hello. She’d missed their study sessions together as they discussed the various theories and advances in science. Their trips to the theater to see the latest show. And the many times they’d simply enjoyed each other’s company when they’d been roommates. She longed to reach out and touch him, to press her body into his, to run her tongue over those kissable lips framed so perfectly by his neatly trimmed facial hair. And the entire time she pined for him, he thought her a man and simply his friend.

“Hello, Xander. It’s been a while.”

His smile melted, his expression going far away as he remembered their last traumatic minutes before she vanished from his life. “I never got to thank you for saving us from the guillotine.”

She shrugged. “I’m sorry I wasn’t there sooner to save your parents and your older brother.”

His gaze sharpened. “Even though they were hunters with many vampire deaths on their hands?”

“They were important to you.”

He studied her, his expression inscrutable. When she simply stared back, he nodded as if confirming something to himself, then held up a wrist band.

“Come. Let’s enjoy the con.”

She reached for the band, but he pulled it away. She glanced up, one brow raised.

“Let me,” he replied, his expression remaining stoic, though his cheeks did turn a feint pink. “It’s awkward to try to put on by yourself.”

She tilted her head, seeing the slight tremor in his hands as he reached for her wrist. Hope zinged through her, making her nerves tingle. Was he attracted to her too? His fingers slid around her wrist and goosebumps swept up the skin of her arm. Her nipples tightened under the tight straps she’d used to disguise her small breasts. Heat pooled between her legs. All from a simple touch. She never realized how sensitive the underside of her wrist was until that moment.

Unaware of the storm he’d caused inside her, he finished fastening the band, then released her. “All set.”

She stepped forward, hands raised to pull him closer. A remote-controlled R2-D2 robot moved by with a loud beeping and chirping sound. She froze, remembering where they were and the lies she continued to let him believe. Her eyes widened and she jerked her gaze to his.

Xander, his tongue darting out to lick his lips, cleared his throat and swept an arm toward the entrance to the con. “Shall we?”
Inhaling a deep breath, she nodded and reminded herself he was a hunter and his people were likely harming Ilse while she made moon eyes at a man she could never have.

“How is my sister?”

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