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Vampire Queen's Revelation

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Content Advisory: This book is intended for mature audiences (18+) and contains graphic violence and explicit sexual activity.


When the Fates saw the end of the Greek Pantheon of gods, Hades, god of the underworld, sent his children into hiding and created a triumvirate of queens to protect them in his absence. His noble actions altered his destiny and the Fates saw his thread separate from the rest of his brethren. Instead of fading and losing access to the human world forever, he would regain the power to walk among humans when his three queens found their mates.

Danae Thebes, second queen of the Triumvirate, fell in love with a Hunter while pretending to be a human man. For years she's believed her love is doomed to remain unrequited. Then her hunter helps save her eldest sister's mate. For the first time in two hundred years, she has hope.

Alexandre Abbe's path in life changed the day a vampire saved his life. Born a Hunter and raised to believe vampires are evil incarnate that need to be eradicated at any cost, he now knows that is far from the truth. He's determined to not only save those innocent humans caught between hunters and vampires, but also save vampires innocent of the crimes for which they are hunted.

When their paths cross again and Danae reveals her true identity, will their love be able to overcome the hate between their people or will they waste the second chance fate has given them?

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Vampire Queen's Revelation

Sabrina A. Fish

?? pages, Print - $TBA, Digital - $TBA

April 15, 2024

B0CMPQRL9X Digital

TBA> Paperback

SAF Books, LLC

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