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Vampire Queen's Victory

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coming Octboer 2024
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Content Advisory: This book is intended for mature audiences (18+) and contains graphic violence and explicit sexual activity.


The Fates wove destruction for the Pantheon, and in the end, Hades was forced into slumber. With the last of his strength, he created a triumvirate to rule in his absence, knowing that his daughters' fates were the key to his return... 

Ilse Germania, queen of vampires, thought her chance at fated love lost after her mate vanished the day after she found him. Then she is captured by hunters and discovers him locked in the cell next to her.

Teagan Helvetii was born and raised in a cult that worshiped an ancient vampire as their god. A devout follower until he discovered what happened to vampires who rival their god’s power, he decided to escape. For a single night, he knew true happiness when he found his mate. Then the cult caught up to him. They forced him to return home and sentenced him to a hundred years in a hunter prison.

When his mate wakes him from the hunter cage stealing his life energy, he’s ecstatic. But then he learns he and his people are the ones responsible for kidnapping and killing so many of hers. Will he give in to the fear that he doesn’t deserve his mate, or will he trust in their love and help her achieve a vampire queen’s victory?

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Vampire Queen's Victory

Sabrina A. Fish

?? pages, Print - $TBA, Digital - $3.99

October 31, 2024

B0CW1BJQ95 Digital

TBA> Paperback

SAF Books, LLC

Jaqueline Sweet Designs



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